In kanji, each character has a meaning. Those which display the four characters we call yojijyukugo contain various words expressing ideas such as life, philosophy, strength, conviction, freedom, and love. The calligraphic style has also been painstakingly developed to represent the unique beauty and power that the characters possess. Just select the yojijyukugo you like, then select your preferred calligraphic style to match the image, and youʼre done. Please use the printout as a rough sketch for your tattoo.

Numerous opportunities to observe foreigners with kanji tattoos arise in Japan, both via the internet and when walking around town. Being Japanese, this makes me very happy and I admire their wonderful designs and the messages contained therein. However, you can also often see designs that make no sense whatsoever or contain mistakes in the characters themselves. I created this website because I think that if youʼre going to inscribe something permanently on your body, it is better to thoroughly understand the meaning of it, and to be certain that these are enduring words to live by or an important message. I will be happy if my site is even slightly helpful to anyone thinking about getting a kanji tattoo design.