Regarding Internet environment

In order to view our site comfortably, we recommend the following browser.

■Web browser

In case of Windows

○ Internet Explorer 7 and above

○ Firefox latest version

○ Chrome latest version

In case of Macintosh OSX

○ Safari 5.1 and above

○ Firefox latest version

○ Chrome latest version

※ If you are using OSX Internet Explorer or Mac OS 9.x, some part of the website may not get displayed properly.

■ Recommended monitor size

1024×768 pixel and above

■ Recommended bandwidth

Broadband is recommended.

Enable Cookies

By enabling cookies, your page views will get tracked. By using that data, your experience with our website will get improved. In addition to it, we have used in the shopping cart function of “Cookie” is on our site. In order to provide the adequate information about using this site, you need to enable the "cookie settings" in your browser. Settings are different as per the browser.

In case of Windows

○In case of Internet Explorer 7.0
1) Select [Internet options] from the [Tool] menu.
2) Click the [Privacy] tab.
3) Select [Default] next to [Advanced] button.
4) Select Internet zone settings.
5) Select [Advanced] next to [Import] button.
6) Check the [Override automatic Cookie process” checkbox.
Select [Accept first party Cookies], [Accept third party Cookies].

In case of Macintosh

○In case of Safari
1) Click [Environment settings] from the [Menu].
2) From the [Privacy] tab, select [Do not block Cookies].

When program error occurs

You might get a “Program error occurred” error during the process of buying products.
In such case, we request you to start the process from the beginning.
Please be informed that the products you had added in the cart before might have got deleted.

In this type of errors, we kindly request you to let us know through contact us page.